Pentium/DOSBox/no floppy fix for Flight by Sunrise Industry (also works for Greetro)
Read-only media fix for TMDC 1-3 demos by tAAt
DEP/MCI/cue fix for Lasse Rein Bøng 96 by Submissive
Pentium/DOSBox fix for Silence of the Labs by Natas
DOSBox/VGA fix for PanDEMOnium by Demaniacs
DOSBox SoundBlaster fix for SX by Substance
DOSBox SoundBlaster fix for Mental Surgery by Future Crew
DOSBox GUS fix for Triangle by Trillian
DOSBox IRQ0 fix for Circuit S3 by Analogue
DOSBox keyboard fix for Symbology by Admire
DOSBox Int 69h fix for Idleness by Ancient Pain
DOSBox seglimit fix for Into the Shadows by Triton
DOSBox GUS port fix for Religion by Xtacy
DOSBox GUS IRQ fix for Fallen Angel by A-Men
DOSBox Int 1 fix for Digital Dreams by Divine
DOSBox PIC fix for Reve by Pulse
DOSBox RDPMC fix for Uni by MFX
DOSBox FUCOMI/FUCOMIP fix for Blub! II by Abyss
DOSBox ää fix for Hive by Fascination
DOSBox child PSP exit fix for Blasphemy by Fatal Justice
DOSBox VESA mode fix for State 808 by Shock!
DOSBox child PSP exit fix for 1st Demo II by Smash Designs PC
DOSBox refresh fix for Joop 2 by INC
DOSBox child PSP exit fix for Misguided by Haujobb


DOSBox fix for Bruce Lee Lives
DOSBox fix for Tornado 1.0d
Pentium/DOSBox fix for Contra
Pentium/DOSBox fix for X-Men: Madness in Murderworld
Pentium/DOSBox fix for Wayne Gretzky Hockey II
DOSBox fix for Championship Manager 2 (all versions, all languages)
80386+/DOSBox fix for Flight Simulator
DOSBox seglimit fix for Greedy
DOSBox fix for Orion Burger
DOSBox fix for XenoBall
DOSBox fix for P6M
DOSBox fix for FamiTap
DOSBox fix for Metal and Lace: The Battle of the Robo Babes (Installer)
Save-disk image creator for Zyll (booter)
DOSBox fix for Pirateer
DOSBox seglimit fix for Gamby (use core=normal)
DOSBox fix for Megametrópoli
DOSBox fix for Parchitoke
DOSBox fix for Rescate
DOSBox fix for PC Liga